It's the end of the world as we know it.

[ Thursday, May 16 ]

Back again. I always thought that Geore W. was in Texas for a month in the August preceeding 9/11 for a reason. I now know that that reason was to protect him from the imminent terrorist attack of that day. There was a lot of talk about him taking a vacation, 7 months into his administration, for a month. I also thought it strange.

Ultimately I think that he was moved to Texas by the Secret Service for protection because they knew a lot more that they are saying. After a month, they felt the threat was past. The timing was wrong and George was protected is what it comes down to but they knew some kind of attack was coming.

The scariest part of this scenario is the social engineering that came out of this.

Winston [Thursday, May 16, 2002]

[ Saturday, April 13 ]


Colin Powell and Arafat

It's too bad the there aren't news copters in Isreal like we have here. Think of it, the cameras are following Powells caravan of heavily armored SUV's, tanks, machine guns, missles, and all that protection. He drives up to Arafats place, gets out, makes his way across the rubble and enters through a hole in the wall.

Just my thought.

Winston [Saturday, April 13, 2002]

[ Sunday, March 31 ]

Generation Ground Zero...

we had baby boomers of which I am one, generation X, some nebulous generation Y.... the next one is Generation Ground Zero (Generation Ground 0) .... or Ground Zero (Ground 0), or just plain zero (0).

Winston [Sunday, March 31, 2002]

[ Friday, March 8 ]

I saw something fairly strange on the Brian Williams news show yesterday. They showed the security camera pictures of the jet crashing into the Pentagon. Odd thing was, they had a date and time that showed Sept, 12 at 17:37

What was that all about

Winston [Friday, March 08, 2002]

[ Thursday, March 7 ]

Marines to Practice Urban War in Real City
Sat Feb 16, 8:11 AM ET

By Steve Barnes

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (Reuters) - U.S. Marines will hunt mock combatants in a real city next week in a first-of-its-kind urban warfare exercise aimed at improving tactics in the U.S. war on terrorism and other dangerous overseas missions.

While there will be no shooting, about 300 Marines will practice reconnaissance and house and vehicle searches in downtown North Little Rock, nearby neighborhoods, on key bridges and at a nuclear power plant from Sunday through Thursday, officials said.

"We're training to keep Marines alive while causing fewer civilian casualties," said Jenny Holbert, a Marine Corps public affairs officer based at Quantico, Virginia.

The unusual maneuver in a real city, instead of in a mock town set up on a military base, is an experiment by the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.

"It's the first time we've done such training in real neighborhoods, with the tempo of a city -- people walking dogs, going about their lives," Holbert said.

More than 90 percent of Marine operations in recent years have been in "very dangerous, complex" urban environments, Holbert said. Eighteen U.S. soldiers were killed in Mogadishu, Somalia, during the U.S. sojourn there in 1993.

"You can take 30 percent casualties a day in urban situations, so you can see where you wouldn't have any operating force left after long," Holbert said.

The experiment was planned before the September 11 hijack attacks on the United States, but was given added urgency by President George W Bush's declared war on terrorism.

"The war on terrorism is a global threat, and we're training for that," Holbert said.

Using civilian volunteers and their homes and vehicles, the Marines will drill in search techniques for weapons and explosives, as well as civil operations and interrogation techniques.

They will practice reconnaissance against enemy positions in the middle of the city of 65,000, across the Arkansas River from Little Rock.

Marine reserves from North Little Rock will use their home advantage to play the enemy, while most of the troops will come from bases in Quantico, Virginia, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and San Antonio, Texas.

Local police will accompany the troops as they move about, and city workers and officials will join in the role playing, including Mayor Pat Hays.

"He wants to play a warlord," Holbert said.

I don't know about you, but this kind of stuff scares me on many levels as I do not think these exercises are meant for training in foreign lands. In my opinion, the lessons learned are for use here in the U.S., during times of martial law.

Urban warfare is for use in cities like those found in the U.S., not 3rd world villages.


Winston [Thursday, March 07, 2002]

[ Wednesday, March 6 ]

My comments on events today and tomorrow. We are headed towards a new amerikkka and it is happening everyday, right under our noses.

Winston [Wednesday, March 06, 2002]